What is Sedation or Sleep Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is used to help patients get through complicated procedures or surgery in our office. It is also used for those patients that may have anxiety or fear when visiting our office, and need help to relax during a procedure.

With IV sedation dentistry a small needle is placed into the patient’s arm. Within minutes the patient calmly falls asleep, and is relaxed during their dental surgery or procedure. This helps both the patient and our team during procedures, and is completely safe.

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Who can benefit from Sleep Dentistry?

Sleep dentistry can benefit many patients, and allows us to treat them efficiently while they are relaxed. There are many reasons why patients benefit from sleep dentistry. Some patients suffer from fear or anxiety when they enter our office, or when they are told they need a procedure done. Sleep dentistry helps those patients to take the edge off and reduce their fear or anxiety.

If you have been recommended for an extensive dental procedure, sleep dentistry can help keep you comfortable and take away any pain or discomfort. This helps to make the procedure move along smoothly, and keeps patients from experiencing unnecessary pain.

Sedation dentistry helps patients to be able to rest and relax during the procedure, especially if the procedure is a longer one. For children or adults that may have an issue sitting idle for a longer period of time, this can help tremendously.

Sedation or sleep dentistry also helps patients with mental or physical disabilities. If the patient is unable to cooperate for their dental treatment they can benefit from this type of service.

What can I expect during IV Sedation?

During your dental procedure, a thin needle will be placed into your arm. This is connected to an IV tube that delivers the sedative to your bloodstream. Topical numbing cream can be applied to help with the needle and to keep patients pain free. The sedative quickly works within minutes, and you are calmly sedated and ready for your procedure.

Once the procedure is completed you are given time to wake up and recover in our office. We always require patients bring a family member or friend with them after a procedure with sedation dentistry to ensure they get home safely.

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If you are interested in finding out more about sleep dentistry and if you can benefit from this service, contact our office to schedule a consultation.