Why would I need a tooth extraction?

If a tooth is broken or damaged you may have had the tooth repaired with either a filling or crown. In some cases the tooth has too much damage and cannot be repaired. When this happens, a tooth extraction may be necessary. Other reasons for tooth extraction are excessive tooth decay, infection from periodontal disease, or overcrowding.

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What to expect during a tooth extraction?

A simple dental extraction is done when the tooth can be seen in the mouth. We use local anesthetic or nitrous oxide to keep patients comfortable, and the tooth is simply removed. If the tooth is broken or has not erupted, a surgical extraction may be required.

Surgical extractions are a bit more involved and typically local anesthesia is used to keep patients calm and relaxed. A small incision is made in the gum to reach the tooth and remove it. Surgical extractions are very common, and in some cases stitches are needed to ensure the area heals properly.

Once the procedure is complete our skilled team will discuss post-extraction instructions to care for your mouth at home. The soft tissue after extraction typically heals in about 3-4 weeks. After the patient is healed, we will have them return to our office and discuss the next steps for tooth replacement or restoration.

We want our patients to feel proud of their smile, and will help them determine the best treatment to meet their goals.